Yoga and Mindfulness in the Preschool Classroom

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Preschool Classroom

This course focuses on age appropriate yoga poses and movement, mindfulness games, breathing exercises, creative visualizations and relaxation techniques that can be incorporated into the school day while taking into consideration different developmental abilities. Course participants will gain an understanding of the many benefits of yoga and mindfulness based activities as it relates to education and nurturing the whole child.

Through interactive discussion and playful, experiential practice, course participants will learn creative and fun ways for keeping kids engaged, for calming and improving self regulation, for increasing focus and attention, for creating a more calm and peaceful classroom, and for movement designed to refresh and energize. From 5 minute exercises to full 45 minute classes, participants will learn how to share with preschoolers the valuable tools of yoga and mindfulness that they can carry with them throughout their entire lives.

After attending this course participants will be able to help their preschool students:

  • Find a sense of calm through breathing and relaxation
  • Gain body awareness and a feeling of well being
  • Reduce outbursts and tantrums
  • Build focus and concentration
  • Improve confidence and self control
  • Increase strength, balance and flexibility
  • Increase positive peer to peer interactions
  • Improve motor, sensory and social skills
  • Cultivate love for one’s self and others
  • Create a more calm and peaceful classroom

Sharing yoga and mindfulness with preschoolers is for any time the day – during morning circle time, craft time, outside time, transitions, winding down time, or after outdoor play.

This training satisfies professional development requirements through the Oregon Registry. 

No previous yoga experience is required in order to participate in this course and be able to immediately begin sharing yoga and mindfulness with preschool children.

Please contact us if you would like more information on bringing this professional development workshop to your school or group.

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