Welcome to Yoga Playgrounds

Bringing yoga and mindfulness to kids in schools


Welcome to Yoga Playgrounds

Bringing yoga and mindfulness to kids in schools


Welcome to Yoga Playgrounds

Bringing yoga and mindfulness to kids in schools

Portland’s premier school-based yoga enrichment program for kids.

Yoga Playgrounds offers classes on site at schools as well as teacher trainings, professional development workshops and resources. We believe yoga and mindfulness are perfect compliments to a busy school day and set the foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Register for a Class

We offer school based yoga and mindfulness classes for preschool through middle school students before, during and after school.

Attend a training or workshop

Learn how to share the practices of yoga and mindfulness with kids through our teacher trainings or professional development workshops.

Bring yoga to your school

Bring our teachers to your school for enrichment classes, PE alternatives, school wide assemblies or yoga curriculum for teachers.

What Schools Are Saying

I am so grateful for the presence of Yoga Playgrounds at my preschool! Aside from yoga poses, we learn breath work, connecting with our emotions, practical ideas for when we get upset, have to wait, feel frustrated, etc. as well as meditation, relaxation, and being mindful of ourselves, our classmates, and the world around us.

Brynn AndersonLotus Heart Preschool

Yoga Playgrounds has been a wonderful program for our preschool. I appreciate the self-awareness and regulations skills that I've seen children bring back to the classroom based on their yoga experiences. Would highly recommend Yoga Playgrounds!

Sandy HodgeHancock Street Preschool

Our students love their yoga classes! Yoga Playgrounds is wonderful at engaging children of all ages and abilities. Our students spontaneously practice yoga throughout the day and even at home since we started offering classes! Highly recommended to any program or school.

Fiona BradyPetit Pois Daycare

Our students at LSM truly prosper from their yoga sessions. Yoga is presented in a form that is inviting and lively for our children, leaving them vividly imagining themselves riding rockets to outer space or pollinating flowers as bees. Yoga Playgrounds classes help instill yoga values that benefit the mind, body and soul of our young ones.

Shamina FernandoLittle Stars Montessori

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