Does my child need to bring a yoga mat?

No, we provide mats for all students.

Does my child need to wear any special clothing?

No special clothing is required. Loose, comfortable clothing is ideal.

My child has never practiced yoga before. Can we try a free class before we register for a session?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer a free class before registering. Class size is kept small, and there is usually a wait list. We suggest you register your child…kids love yoga!

What is your refund policy?

A full refund will be given prior to the start of the first class. We do not prorate or refund for days missed due to inclement weather, illness, family scheduling conflicts or change of mind.

Class has already started. Can I still register?

Late registration is available up until the second class.

Can parents or siblings watch class?

We ask that parents and siblings refrain from watching class. We have found it to be really distracting for the kids.

My child goes to the school’s aftercare program. Can he/she still go if they register for yoga?

Absolutely. At the end of class, your child will be walked to aftercare by the yoga instructor.

Will someone pick up my child after school and take them to the yoga class?

Your kindergarten child will be picked up from his/her classroom and walked to the yoga class. Students in 1st grade and above walk to yoga class on their own.

Do you offer make up classes?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer make up classes. We have to reserve our classroom space in advance, and it’s usually pretty tough to acquire available space for a make-up day. You shouldn’t worry if your child misses one class, it won’t affect their ability to enjoy the classes or keep up with the rest of the class.

Do you have a behavioral policy?

Our goal at Yoga Playgrounds is to provide fun and educational yoga classes for kids of all ages and abilities, and to give kids tools to help manage their behaviors. In an effort to fulfill this commitment we ask that all kids follow basic behavioral guidelines. We know that kids enrolled in a Yoga Playgrounds class may have very high energy, and our classes are specifically designed to harness and direct that energy. Our instructors set clear boundaries and expectations as to appropriate behavior in class and we will hold all students to these expectations. If a student is consistently disrespectful of others we will notify parents and ask for guidance. Students exhibiting behavior that prevents others in the class from participating fully may be asked not to return to class. There will be no refund.

Where is your studio located?

All our classes are held in schools. We do not have a studio location.

Still have questions?

Not seeing your question here? Please contact us and we will get back to you with an answer.

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