Yoga and Mindfulness in the Elementary Classroom

Yoga and Mindfulness in the Elementary Classroom

An increasing numbers of students across the country struggle with the skills of self-regulation, impulse control and focus. Sharing yoga and mindfulness techniques, specifically designed for the classroom setting, is a convenient, engaging and effective way to promote these skills. Help increase learning readiness and student achievement while cultivating a positive, peaceful productive classroom climate.

All the activities taught in this training have been specifically designed for their suitability in the classroom and can be done while students are standing or seated at their desks. The curriculum includes more than 100 standing and seated yoga poses, breathing exercise and mindfulness activities that can be taught in 5 – 15 minute segments.

Benefits of yoga for the elementary school:

  • Creates a calm, cooperative classroom
  • Enhances attention span and concentration
  • Supports positive peer to peer interactions
  • Improves listening skills
  • Improves student readiness to learn
  • Supports teachers by reducing stress and frustration

This half day or full day training is offered as professional development and is scheduled privately at individual schools.

No previous yoga experience is required in order to participate in this course and be able to immediately begin sharing yoga and mindfulness with elementary age children in the classroom.

Half day (3 hours) $585
Full day (6 hours) $1200

Please contact us if you would like to bring this professional development workshop to your school. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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