School-Based Classes

Mobile kids yoga – we bring yoga to schools!

ACP--12Our mobile yoga enrichment program brings yoga directly to kids!  Without the overhead costs associated with a brick and mortar studio location, our classes offer convenience and affordability for parents, kids, schools and others!

Most of our classes take place in schools, and Yoga Playgrounds has grown to become Portland’s premier school based yoga program, currently serving hundreds of students each week. Our school based classes allow kids to experience yoga and its many benefits in a fun, engaging and age appropriate environment. Our kids yoga classes are great for preschool and elementary schools, daycares, and more!

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Class Descriptions:

For Daycares and Preschools (kids ages 2-5)

Yoga offers so many benefits to mind, body and soul that it’s wonderful to offer it to kids at a young age. In these fun and active classes kids are introduced to yoga by taking the shape of animals and objects or going on an imaginative journey. We will develop better body awareness and build on flexibility, concentration and self control. We will also learn some simple breathing exercises to calm and soothe, release frustration, or refresh and energize. The use of music, props, games and stories helps kids develop their creativity and conveys lessons in positive thinking. These classes take place during the school day and are part of the school curriculum.

For Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle Schools (kids ages 5-12)

In these classes kids will explore more traditional poses in a fun and educational way along with creative breathing and relaxation techniques. Cooperative games and group poses are also used to encourage teamwork and positive peer interaction, and classes are a mix of both structure and spontaneity. Each class has a customized theme, and kids will begin to learn the physical and mental benefits of regular yoga practice. Through ongoing classes kids are given the tools to manage their behaviors to find calm, balance and less stress in their lives. Most of these classes take place on site as an after school enrichment option.